My TV addiction – taking seasonal stock

I’ve always been fascinated by watching television. Right from the early days of #AndyPandy and the #WoodenTops, via early teenage years of #Follyfoot (I can still sing the Lightening Tree song) and The Tomorrow People, through to my early middle age and making visual and emotional connections with Ally McBeal and Desperate Housewives; I have got lost within it.

Just like a smell can lift and transport us back to a previous time, long forgotten television can have this affect on me. Like music can anchor me in an era, to a fashion trend, to a boyfriend or time of loss, I can get re-lost in my past by diving into the television. Sometimes it is the content such as the clothes and hairstyles that take me back, other times it is what was actually happening outside of the box like how I used to sit and watch #Bergerac with a special someone who I no longer see. I even watch #CoronationStreet remembering my nan who used to watch it back in the 1960s. I imagine she’s watching it with me – what would she make of it now?

I have a TV in my kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. Every day chores can be achieved with my square friend. Yet every now and again I realise I’m watching far too much of it and try to take a step back.

Usually my TV consumption has an annual ebb and flow following the seasons. Winter is designed to pull up the drawbridge and sink into a sofa covered by a fluffy blanket to watch the TV isn’t it? But as the lighter nights extend and the curtains stay open longer, I can feel my TV viewing being challenged by nature. Things need doing in the garden; I want to start sewing my summer wardrobe; I need to finish the next novel I am writing; people to see; spring cleaning to get done; walks to do; a life to live outdoors.

But what a challenge with the great TV on at the moment. I think it is better than ever! I love #TheTunnel (only up to series 1 so don’t spoil it for me); #PeakyBlinders (been a fan since episode 1 as I’m a Brummie and my mom tells me her gran used to talk about the #Peakies), #theNightManager (how brilliant was that? And with lovely tall people in it too #Amnotheightest), #Undercover, #LineofDuty, #HappyValley and not forgetting my recent Friday nights where #Shetland and #MrSelfridge competed for my attention. And that’s without other European contributions like #100Code. Thank heavens for the facility to record!

I don’t do reality TV generally but confess #ImaCelebrityGetMeOutofHere does dominate my December and I get great enjoyment from anything clothes-related such as #SewingBee. I’m painfully aware other excellent TV is passing me by and I might NEVER catch up with it all. And then of course there are some which deserve a repeat airing right from the first episode when I have time, for example the unforgettable #DowntonAbbey.

As a teen I was hooked on #Dallas, #Hawaii-5-O and #CharliesAngels. I recorded some of #AliasSmith&Jones on my tape recorder as a teen. No pictures, just sound. How technology has indulged us since those days! #TheProfessionals and #TheSweeney needs mentioning and no list would be complete without the nostalgic and fun #LifeonMars. 

I can remember obscure short-lived series like #Chandler&Co back in the 90s which brought #PeterCapaldi to my attention for the first time. I’ve not revisited this but it stays in my memory as having a great affect at the time.

Owing to the sheer excellence of the TV writing and production, I rarely watch movies. There is too much else good stuff on and if this standard continues I don’t know when I’ll watch a movie again. Having a large flat screen which we acquired for the World Rugby means it’s all too comfortable viewing.

I/We binge watch sometimes. We did that with #GOT #GameofThrones last January and watched 4 series in about 2 weeks followed by the release of series 5. I never thought I’d make it to the next series but here we are; it’s imminent! 

No wonder I don’t have time to get fit – perhaps I need to move a cycling machine into my living room so I can start up a healthier addiction to go with my viewing addiction. Oh bring on this weekend and #GameofThrones. I’m happy to cycle my way all the way to the weekend… And then I really must schedule time to finish my new novel.

My first is called Love Travels and is available on Kindle. I’m hoping to get the second finished before I pull up the drawbridge on daylight around October time.

Love Travels – Alyce Guy