What’s in a name? How my pen name came about


It took me a long time to come up with a pen name for my debut novel Love Travels.

The name needed to mean something to me and in turn, I wanted to acknowledge a couple of people.

I never met my paternal grandmother. Her name was Alice. She was a 6ft tall woman too and I stare into her face on the few photographs we have wondering what she was like and why she had to die in her late 30s before WWII was even finished.

The Guy part is an intriguing bit of my ancestry that I stumbled across when going through the contents of a carrier bag handed to my family when a relative died. In the bag was the family tree from a great, great grandparent of mine traced back to Sir Thomas Guy (of Guy’s hospital fame)  In reality, I’m descended from his niece – he was the uncle of my ancestor so it is his parents we have in common. That still takes me a long way back into history. I have an original copy of his Will and my ancestor was left £1,000 along with many other nieces and nephews – a shed load of money in the 1700s. I suspect my more recent ancestor was attempting to find out where all the money had gone!

Hence I modernised Alice to Alyce and added the name Guy to be Alyce Guy. But occasionally I do wonder if someone thinks the A Guy has other connotations but I guess that is something I’ll have to live with.



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